Building blocks of SVA

 Boolean expressions: 

The functionality is represented by the combination of multiple logical events. These events could be simple Boolean expressions.


Boolean expression events that evaluate over a period of time involving single/multiple clock cycles. SVA provides a key word to represent these events called "sequence."

sequence name_of_sequence;


A number of sequences can be combined logically or sequentially to create more complex sequences. SVA provides a key word to represent these complex sequential behaviors called "property."

syntax :
property name_of_property;
  test expression or
  complex sequence expressions


The property is the one that is verified during a simulation. It has to be asserted to take effect during a simulation. SVA provides a key word called "assert" to check the property.

assertion_ name: assert_property( property_name );

The steps involved in the creation of a SVA checker,
SystemVerilog Assertions